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Financial Structure of The Salvador Foundation

The Salvador Foundation is a Christian charitable foundation established in 2004 as a private foundation, tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).


As an independent private Christian organization, The Salvador Foundation maintains no legal affiliation to any government, denomination or other foundation, though we do keep positive working relations with all these. 

Our primary focus is in serving people with special emphasis in helping the truly needy of our world. 


The Salvador Foundation seeks to efficiently utilize all financial resources to serve God. To maintain this high level of efficiency, we seek to work with other organizations with a similar philosophy. For a copy of our IRS form 990-PF (copying charges may apply), please contact the Salvador Foundation at

Only specifically authorized officers of The Salvador Foundation have power to commit The Salvador Foundation to any business transaction or contract. Accordingly, no other individual or organization has the power or capacity to enter into any business transaction or contract. Only The Salvador Foundation, which is a Colorado non-profit corporation, has such power which is exercised only by and through its specifically authorized officers.


Therefore, the only obligations which The Salvador Foundation recognizes as binding on it are those which result from the acts of its duly authorized officers. We are pleased to identify them upon request. 


Please be advised that if you provide goods or services, advance credit, or make a loan to a The Salvador Foundation without proper authorization, you accept the risk that the Salvador Foundation will disavow any responsibility for either the invoice or loan.

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